Corona Virus Update

At Concord Baptist Church, we love all people. At a time when there is much panic and fear related to the spread of the corona virus pandemic, we have particular concern for the elderly, infants, the disabled, and the sick. Out of love and concern for this group of people, the deacons and I have decided to modify our normal worship schedule. We will not be having public services on:

–        Wednesday, March 18.

–        Sunday, March 22. And

–        Wednesday, March 25.

The sermon for this Sunday will be made available online on the Facebook page of Concord Baptist Church. You may worship through tithes and offerings by sending them in the mail at PO Box 181, Concord, GA 30206 or through our church’s website at

As a church, we want to serve the most vulnerable during this time. If you are at home and need someone to go to the grocery store for you, please call the church office and we will find a volunteer to help meet this need. If you know of any children who depend upon school lunches, please let us know so that we can check on them and meet their need.

If you would like to volunteer to serve those with needs in this time, please call the church and let us know you are available to serve.

 God bless and we hope to see you soon!

Pastor Jacob

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